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James Phua, a young and dynamic artist who started his journey of art since childhood time. Having his first solo art exhibition at age of 19. Today he is an internationally renowned artist of Chinese horse painting. 《 Chinese: 潘瑞全,一位年轻有活力的画家。从小即展现他的艺术才华,19岁即受邀举办第一次个展。今日他已是享誉国际的水墨画马名家,》

James Phua 潘瑞全 – who has written posts on James Phua De Horse.


Hello, my fellow friends of the world.

Welcome to my personal website: James Phua De horse.Com

I feel very excited and pleased because I am able to meet you guys through my newly set- up personal website, James Phua De Horse. Com. At the same time, all sorts of feelings well up in my heart too. I am grateful and thankful to all those who helped make this website happen.

James Phua De Horse.Com is just like another home of mine. Although my “home” is tiny in size, it is well equipped and furnished. Here, I can express and share my feelings, opinions, views, experiences ,techniques ,conceptions, aesthetic values, creativity of my horse painting and other sorts of art. Besides, both my present and upcoming art activities and events will be updated here for sharing.

Life is just like a website, don’t you think so? Site by site, page by page, we have been browsing through them every day in a rush. Without knowing it, I have “browsed” through the website of my life for forty three years already. Time flies indeed. I felt regret that I only started my personal website at the age of forty three. Well, as the proverb had been said, “better late than never”, that’s why I made up my mind to set up this website last year.

Yes, you are right. James Phua De Horse is a late comer but it will turn into a sprinter like a galloping horse very soon.

The formal birth date of James Phua De Horse .Dom is 15 July 2013 as it is on this date that the website is fully completed .More significantly, this memorable date falls on the same date in 1972 when the greatest racehorse of the century: Secretariat won its first victory in Aqueduct.


James Phua


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