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James Phua, a young and dynamic artist who started his journey of art since childhood time. Having his first solo art exhibition at age of 19. Today he is an internationally renowned artist of Chinese horse painting. 《 Chinese: 潘瑞全,一位年轻有活力的画家。从小即展现他的艺术才华,19岁即受邀举办第一次个展。今日他已是享誉国际的水墨画马名家,》

James Phua 潘瑞全 – who has written posts on James Phua De Horse.



最近我受马来西亚英国妇女协会(ABWM)邀请,为该协会的四十周年纪念杂志及配合羊年的到来, 画一幅‘羊年吉祥图’作为该杂志封面。

在此, 我借此机会把我的‘羊年吉祥图’剖上网与大家分享,并祝大家喜气‘羊羊’,万事如意。

ABWM Mag year of goat 2015 front cover

2015 年ABWM 杂志封面


ABWM Chairman, Melanie Bolland.

ABWM Chairman, Melanie Bolland.

“Our front cover image was designed by the renowned master of horse painting, James Phua. James has exclusively and very kind re-created the front cover of the February 1991 ABWM magazine with an added touch to also celebrate the start of the year of goat. We thank you James for your continued support of the ABWM and for a beautiful front cover picture to start our ruby anniversary year.”

Melanie Bolland





“我们的封面图像是由马画著名设计大师,詹姆士。潘 所画。詹姆士。潘热心的特别为我们重新创建1991年二月ABWM杂志的封面并作了添加以庆祝羊年的开始。我们非常感谢詹姆士。潘对ABWM的继续支持和他画的美丽封面图片让我们的红宝石周年有一个美好的开始。





瑞全 上


ABWM Mag year of goat 2015 inside james profile

ABWM Mag year of goat 2015 inside james profile

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