An art space dedicated to horse painting
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James Phua, the master of chinese horse painting.

James Phua, the master of chinese horse painting.

Thanks for visiting my website.

I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings. If you would like to see more of my work, then please click on the page categories to the right. Also, please feel free to blog me at the bottom of each page…I would love to read your comments!

Please come back again, because I will update this page frequently. This website not just reflects my life-long work but also directs you to more about the art of Chinese ink painting especially the horse painting, my favorite subject.

I plan to write more articles, conduct interview with horse or horse painting lovers, sharing the learning experience of my students and many more!

I will set up an online art gallery in near future. You could buy my artworks through this e-commerce website. By the way, during this transition period, for those interested in my works still can contact me to buy them. For those are interested in learning art painting from me, you are most welcome too.

Best Regards

James Phua

My Contact Details:

In order to prevent email and phone number harvesting programs, kindly have a little guess for the number.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Any way I hope you have fun too 🙂  Don’t forget, email address always in small caps.

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The Horse Masterpiece Art Gallery

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