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Because of the financial hardship, I decided to stay and work as a part-time tutor in Muar while most of my classmates had furthered their studies either outstation or overseas after completion of secondary education. One day, by change, my… Continue reading

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This was a significant picture taken by my Mandarin teacher during a Chinese calligraphy competition. I represented the Mandarin club of my school in the competition. That was my very first time that I got in touch with ‘Chinese Ink’.… Continue reading

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Unexpectedly, something strange was happening at my teenage years. Surprisingly, I started winning numerous awards in both national and international art competitions. Suddenly, I became the envy of everyone in my school.

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I won first prize in a portrait competition… Continue reading

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My family couldn’t afford to own even a television set due to financial hardship .My only entertainment and pastime was scribbling and doing sketches on recycled papers. Gradually, I had cultivated my interest in art. In fact, my mother played… Continue reading

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My mother told me that I had inherited the art talent from my father. Unfortunately, my father had to discontinue his studies at the Nan Yang Academy of Art in Singapore due to financial problem. My father worked as a… Continue reading

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I was born in Muar, Johor, Malaysia on 9th June 1970.This old photo of mine was taken at the age of two. I had a pair of blazing eyes when I was a kid.

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I came from a very… Continue reading










“瑞全画马”网站 于2013年7月15日,正式全面成立。(我特别选择这一天为“瑞全画马”的网站成立日,因为世纪之马西格德烈(Secretariat)在1972年的同一天,初试“蹄”声,赢得了它赛马生涯的第一座冠军。)

潘瑞全  上


under construction

This is a whole new personal website by the renowned artist James Phua, The master of horse painting. The website is still under construction,do visit us in near future.

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The Horse Masterpiece

The Horse Masterpiece Art Gallery

Now you can purchase James Phua's artworks through this online art gallery. Start your collection today.

Secretariat New Site

Secretariat new site

A special site dedicated to Secretariat, the greatest racehorse of all time.

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